Dynamic Billiards is a family business that was established in 1974 by two brothers who made the first table in their small garage under the watchful eye of their father Giuseppe, an Italian-born cabinet maker. 

As word spread that there was a table in the neighbourhood, the demand arose and the brothers began to produce billiard tables for friends until establishing a business when the men were just 18 and 27 respectively. Today, no longer manufacturing new tables, the business continues to provide refurbished billiard tables, re-clothing and refurbishment services, relocation and shifts as well as soccer tables and trampolines sold direct to the public from our now online store. 

The family owned and operated business resided at 66 Albert Street, Preston, where the trampoline and billiard table displays became a much-loved icon of the Northern suburbs. Comprising of a show room and factory, Dynamic Billiards called this Preston showroom home for over 40 years. With the owners now seeking a slower pace, they are now located in Airport West where customers can make appointments to view second-hand tables and where they complete their re-clothing and other services. 



When the demand for slate tables arose in Australia,  Dynamic Billiards began producing a small selection of tables to cater for customers interested in purchasing low, to middle of the range, domestic and therefore affordable slate billiard tables. It would not be long before this small selection of domestic slate tables would grow into a complete range of both modern and traditional style slate billiard tables. 

Having established a complete range of domestic slate billiard tables, the business moved into the design and production of innovative coin operated billiard tables to cater for the hotel and entertainment industry. The tables were supplied to establishments right across metropolitan and rural Victoria. Dynamic Billiard’s coin operated billiard tables, including the ground-breaking Neon Illusion © continue to thrive in many of Victoria’s most recognized Bars, Hotels and Night spots.

The business also offers specialized services in the reclothing and repair of both domestic and coin operated billiard tables.

A slightly younger version of owners Vince and Dominic captured in 1981.